Ideas for re-using hardwood floorboards

Reclaimed wood coffee Table Your hardwood floor boards can be reused as a coffee table or cocktail table. Style your lawn with inexpensive yet sophisticated coffee table. To ensure longevity of its color and gloss apply and finish it with timber varnish. One such example can be found here. Wood Console Create a console table…

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Tall Wood Building Competition Winners Inspired by combined sleek and comfort, this timber tower hotel emerges above else across the city lights. Architecturally coated by premium timber vanish for a luxurious and enduring finish. Footbridge Cafe, Amsterdam, Netherlands Explore the airy walkways, elegantly designed with the touch of wooden architecture for an equally breath taking…

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Wood care 101

Wood Care 101

It’s easy to determine when your favorite furniture needs a make over after long years of patient applications of spray-on polishes eventually food stains and water marks leave your furniture unblemished free. It is significant to know the methods of cleaning your wooden furniture. If done wrong, the furniture’s finish can’t be undone once damaged.…

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