What Is A Marine Grade Wood Varnish?

What is a Marine Grade Varnish

  So, what is a Marine Grade wood varnish? and why is it important? Well you want your exterior timber to last many years, even under the harshest of conditions. Only a good marine grade wood varnish will provide the necessary toughness.   Monocel Marine Grade Wood Varnish is available from Bunnings Warehouse

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Upcycling A Pallet Into A Coffee Table With Monocel Wood Varnish

monocel timber wood varnish pallet up cycle

Pallet Table Applying wood varnish to a pallet coffee table As we discussed in our last post, we are passionate about up-cycling and reusing old and otherwise land fill bound objects, especially timber. So when we came across a couple of old timber pallets in a skip bin, in the age old up-cycling tradition, we…

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Upcycling: Artists Build House of Windows

For their very first date, photographer Nick Olson took designer Lilah Horwitz on a walk in the mountains of West Virginia. While chatting and getting to know each other during a particularly scenic sunset the two jokingly wondered what it would be like to live in a house where the entire facade was windows, so the…

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