Wood Varnish

Exterior Timber Varnish

When you need an exterior timber varnish that protects timber from sun damage and weathering, Monocel Gold Clear Timber Varnish is ideal. It will maintain the natural colour of the exterior timber without hiding the grain. If you wish change the appearance of your exterior timber surface, then use Monocel Gold Stain and Varnish which…

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Wood Stain Colours

There are four Wood Stain Colours available to choose from when using Monocel Gold Stain & Varnish, and Monocel Stain and Varnish. Ideal for Timber Doors, Plywood, Outdoor furniture, and Timber panelling, these stain and varnishes will provide the suitable colour for your requirements. High-performance and easy to use, Monocel and Monocel Gold represents the…

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What Is A Marine Grade Wood Varnish?

What is a Marine Grade Varnish

  So, what is a Marine Grade wood varnish? and why is it important? Well you want your exterior timber to last many years, even under the harshest of conditions. Only a good marine grade wood varnish will provide the necessary toughness.   Monocel Marine Grade Wood Varnish is available from Bunnings Warehouse

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Wood Varnish For Your Exterior Doors

Wood Varnish For Your Exterior Doors   Everyday wood varnish enhances the look and feel of your wooden doors and furniture, as well as providing protection from day to day use. Now, for interior applications this might be adequate, but step outside and you’re going to encounter a few problems. Australia’s harsh environment is no…

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Bring your wood to life with Monocel Gold Marine Grade Wood Varnish

  Bring your wood to life with Monocel Gold Marine Grade Wood Varnish and Wood Stain. Monocel Gold Stain & Varnish provides the highest level of protection for both interior and exterior woodwork, furniture, paneling and timber projects. Find out more about Monocel Gold Stain & Varnish here.

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Upcycling A Pallet Into A Coffee Table With Monocel Wood Varnish

monocel timber wood varnish pallet up cycle

Pallet Table Applying wood varnish to a pallet coffee table As we discussed in our last post, we are passionate about up-cycling and reusing old and otherwise land fill bound objects, especially timber. So when we came across a couple of old timber pallets in a skip bin, in the age old up-cycling tradition, we…

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Three good reasons for varnishing wood

There are three good reasons for varnishing wood: 1. Presentation – There are numerous numbers of ways you can present a finished wood or timber project, but they are generally separated into three categories: Colour (staining), sheen, and texture. Bondall’s Monocel range of stains and vanishes can provide the perfect presentation for your finished wood…

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