Maintenance Precautions and Tips for Timber Decking and Wood Floors

Below are a list of tips and precautions you should adhere to after treating your timber floor or decking.

Maintenance Precautions and tips:


  • After treating any floor based timber, you should always wait at least 48 hours after application of the final coat of varnish before placing furniture.
  • It is a good idea to fit protective pads to furniture legs so as to reduce risk of marking the floor – especially with heavier items. Use protective mats for furniture with castors to protect the floor surface. It is recommended that you wait 7 days from application of the last coat of varnish when placing furniture with castors.
  • Wait for at least 2 weeks after the final coat is applied to ensure the finish is completely cured before placing rugs on the floor and ensure the floor is clean so dirt is not trapped underneath. As dirt, dust and grit all lead to excess wear and potential scratching of a hardwood timber floors, use dirt trapping mats at all exterior entrances to minimise any that might be brought inside. Regularly sweep high traffic areas with a soft bristle broom or electrostatic mop to further prevent dirt build up.
  • Most hardwood timber floors will fade, darken or change shades over time and exposure to sunlight can increase this process. By rotating floor rugs and mats periodically and protecting the floor with curtains or blinds, you can help prevent the impact of direct sunlight.
  • Where possible, try to maintain an ambient temperature in wood floor areas to avoid dryness that may causes gaps, and moisture increases that may cause cupping.
  • Many shoes such as high heels can dent and mark a hard floor surface. Take Special care to remove shoes that have exposed heels with sharp points or dark marking soles so as to avoid potential damage to a hardwood timber floor. You should also make sure pets nails or claws are trimmed regularly and kept blunt as these can also scratch and dull the floor finish.

One of the best things about a hardwood timber floor is that you can always refinished if it becomes excessively scratched, marked or dented.