Put a Fresh New Coat of Varnish on Your Wood Furniture for Better Wood Care

Wood furniture and wooden cabinets all have a special place in every home. This kind of furniture gives a house a more homey feel and creates a nature-friendly look. This makes wooden tables and chairs as attractive items to many prospective buyers. But if you look at the market, wood supply such as timber or mahogany may seem scarce these days. Furnitures made of wood are constantly becoming pricey and vulnerable. That is why wood care is very important to keep these limited treasures to last for a long time. With lots of care and protection, wood furniture will be more durable and more resilient.

One way of keeping a wood furniture protected is by putting a fresh new coat of varnish. Coating varnish to a wood surface can go a long way. For timber for example, there’s Monocel Clear Timber Varnish by Bondall. This varnish has a unique ingredient called nanoZ technology which helps protect wood products from UV light exposure. As a result, it enhances the durability and gloss retention of exterior timber finishes.

More than that, the Monocel Clear Timber Varnish is easy to use. It’s brush on coating has excellent adhesion. This varnish is also highly resistant to most household chemicals, solvents and abrasion which is perfect for timber furnitures and cabinets. But this varnish has more that what it promises.

Actually, Bondall’s Monocel Clear Timber Varnish is suitable for most types of furniture, plywood, timber paneling, architraves and other dressed timber surfaces. It is also available in three gloss levels, namely: Gloss, Ultra Gloss and Satin. This gives the best option for wood furniture lovers.

The Monocel Clear Timber Varnish gives the wood surface that extra wrap of love and protection from all the harmful factors that affect the depreciation of every wood furniture. Coating a varnish on your wood surfaces provides for a better care of your wood furniture and other wood products at home.