Tips for applying Decking Oil

applying Decking OilDecking oil should be applied straight away, however if using a hardwood that may leach tannin, a preliminary scrub with Monocel Deck Clean is recommended before applying decking oil. There is no need to coat the underside providing there is plenty of air flow under the deck. If the decking is laid above a concrete base, make sure there is a fall on the concrete to allow rainwater to drain away. Otherwise water will pool on top of the concrete and it may be absorbed into the underside of the decking, causing swelling and/or cupping. It’s also not recommended to enclose the sides of the deck, despite the neat finish, as enclosing the deck cuts off the flow of air and allows humidity to build up under the deck.

Applying Decking Oil

For steps on applying decking oil visit the Natural Decking Oil Application page.