Wood care 101

It’s easy to determine when your favorite furniture needs a make over after long years of patient applications of spray-on polishes eventually food stains and water marks leave your furniture unblemished free.

It is significant to know the methods of cleaning your wooden furniture. If done wrong, the furniture’s finish can’t be undone once damaged. It is important to note the benefit of using the gentlest cleaners: a moisten cotton with water and dish-washing liquid will suffice. Apply and test. In the event the finish sustained, upgrade to the second part, dilute detergent with water and rub it to the entire section. However though, don’t over swabbed the furniture, you keep your wiper hardly damp and rinse as often as possible. With these, you can expect noticeable results instantly. While these can help you beautify your furniture in no time, mineral spirits, a clean cloth and persistent circular strokes during your free time can instantly eliminate old furniture filth.

More so, in the event the grime got stubborn and remained after the mineral-spirits application, thus this needs some serious degree of refinishing. You can try swabbing a denatured alcohol on a small and hidden area for testing. Once the finish survived and did not dissolve, it’s oil, lacquer, polyurethane, or varnish all of which apparently is compelled for a professional treatment. On the other hand, if the finish dissolves, thus it is shellac. Best to do is to remove and replace the top layers with more of the same material, which a task that needs a professional help as well.

Once it’s been all cleaned, regardless of whatever method, furniture wood must be then protected. We rub the wood with fine steel wool, which roughs up the surface so that the wax can be applied evenly. We then apply the wax afterwards, this safeguards wood finishes. This should be applied briskly and bountifully with cheesecloth. Moreover, on more fragile finishes, we can apply costlier acid-free microcrystalline wax, such as Regency, which doesn’t smudge easily. We are used of dusting our wood furniture by feather duster, however though note that soft cloth are way better than feather duster