Courtyard Styling – the Natural Feel of Wood

These courtyard styling ideas with exterior timber will take your breath away once the words are transformed into action. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful rustic, wooden courtyard, giving a warm touch to the entire home? Make your outdoor living an astonishing pleasure and enjoy every minute of it. We will give you couple of ideas for making your courtyard a wooden paradise.

Timber Gate

Anyone who enters your home for the first time, will lay eyes on your new timber gate. The gate is an important part of your courtyard and we all know that a beautiful gate has a great impact on people’s first impression of your home as a whole. Hav-ing timber gates will make your house stand out from the rest in your neighborhood, with its remarkable charm. Before the making of the timber gate, take in mind to use hardwood only.

Wooden Flooring

Have you ever thought about revamping your courtyard with timber flooring? It will make your outdoor space look more natural and it will give a rustic touch by adding texture to each corner and creating a heartwarming feeling. You can make it with a solid wood without using the sub-flooring system underneath which makes things easier. You can also use reclaimed timber by using boards or panels, but they can be a bit hard for installing. Our point is, whatever you decide to use, you will get a fancy final result.

Outdoor Furniture

How about spicing up your courtyard with outdoor furniture made out of wood? You can use oak, maple, pine or any other kind of wood that is durable and convenient for outdoor furniture. Don’t forget – wood is eco-friendly and it will fit perfectly with the exterior surrounding. There are so many things you can make chairs, table, shelves, storage boxes and just about anything that can be a great accessory to your court-yard.

Timber Facade

Timber facades are known to be widely used in the countryside, such as farmhouses and barns. Lately, wooden facades are used as a structure for block of flats and buildings in general, whilst the walls and the pillars are being supported by solid wood construction and installation. Wooden facades are a great choice when it comes to protecting the building from severe rain or other unpleasant weather condi-tions. If you own an apartment and want to revamp its exterior side, this might be the perfect choice for you!

Wooden Windows

Turning timber into new windows will give your apartment a timeless look. Let’s not forget to point out that it is very rustic and elegant in the same time, and you can al-ways play with all kind of paints and colors. It is very functional and elegantly lasting on a long term.
Now, if you want to make your home look unique and warm – grab your pencil and start making construction sketches as soon as possible! Good luck!