Wood Care – Finishing – Varnish

As you’d expect, applying a finish to your woodwork is the last step in perfecting any project. The right finish will not only protect your wood for the years to come, but also create an impressive, quality look. Once you’ve removed any imperfections and your timber is looking how you want it, you’ll need to apply the finish. There are several types of finish to choose from including: wax, lacquer, paint, and, varnish. We’ll be looking specifically at varnish.

Varnish gives you a clear, glossy layer, designed to protect against cleaning chemicals, the elements, and general wear and tear.

Choosing the right varnish ensures that you’re looking after your hard work as best you can. However, knowing which product to use and how to use it can become a daunting process. Whether you’ve been working wood for years, or it’s your first project, it is important to get your varnish right.

The sun is brutal, especially if you’re in Australia. Maybe it’s an old piece of furniture you’ve refurbished, or a new fence you’ve put up, no matter what the job is, if you want to protect your wood or plan on leaving your project exposed to the elements you will need something that’s durable. The sun’s UV rays will prematurely age your wood just like your skin. You wouldn’t put your child in the sun without sunscreen, so why do it to your woodwork?

Quality is paramount. One easy to use and popular varnish is Bondall’s Monocel Clear Timber Varnish.

Most Varnishes are flammable and can be volatile, so ensure you work in a well ventilated area. Follow all manufacturer’s safety recommendations and directions, and you’ll have a beautiful finished product ready to stand the test of time.