Three good reasons for varnishing wood

There are three good reasons for varnishing wood:

1. Presentation – There are numerous numbers of ways you can present a finished wood or timber project, but they are generally separated into three categories: Colour (staining), sheen, and texture. Bondall’s Monocel range of stains and vanishes can provide the perfect presentation for your finished wood or timber project.

2. Protection – As wood is very porous, it will absorb and release moisture depending on the climate it finds itself in. This causes the wood to inconsistently shrink and expand. The result of these different responses cause splitting, warping, and weakening of the joints. A varnish or stain finish will slow moisture exchange, and reduce the stresses thus stabilising and protecting the wood. Bondall’s Monocel Gold utilises it’s NANO Z technology to create a high-performance, easy to use marine grade clear finish for the ultimate protection of wood and timber surfaces in Australia’s harsh exterior environment. The Monocel Gold range provides the highest level of protection to preserve the colour and texture of interior and exterior timber surfaces.

3. Cleanliness (Sanitisation) – Again, as wood is such a porous material, dirt and other contaminants can accumulate in it. This can make it unattractive, and it can be a health hazard, providing a place for breeding bacteria. Bondall’s Monocel range of Timber finishes will effectively seal the porous surface of wood, preventing the build up of dirt, and make it easier to clean and maintain.

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